Do you really think eavesdropping cannot happen to you?

Considering the fact that industrial and economic espionage is highly prevalent in today’s business landscape, your baseline level of suspicion about the security of your sensitive information such as trade secrets, intellectual property, business plans, and client data, should be very high these days. With rapid improvements in technology, low-cost, yet relatively sophisticated, eavesdropping devices such as electronic bugs, hidden cameras, cellular & Bluetooth bugs, laser microphones, wiretaps, digital recorders, and other types of listening devices can easily be purchased over the Internet. This created new threat actors, namely industrial spies, leveraging technological spying capabilities against corporations, their leaders, managers, or personnel. They steal any related data that can be exploited to gain a competitive advantage or to sell it to third parties.

Spying of this kind occurs in many ways: Mobile and office phones are tapped, board rooms, offices, or even vehicles are bugged. Additionally, workstations, computer networks, mobile devices, or even IoTs are targeted with malware. No safe space without bugging, interception, eavesdropping, or malware-infected devices are left to discuss, to store, or to transfer anything confidential.

Educating managers and employees can be helpful in terms of partly solving this problem, but not enough. Professional help together with educated personnel is the only solution against such intruders. Professionals dealing with espionage should be experienced and knowledgeable both about Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM) and Incident Response (IR). Our years of law enforcement experience and technical knowhow have made us familiar with almost all forms of such espionage and social engineering attacks. We have used advanced devices during our law enforcement careers and continue to utilize our skills for the purpose of counterintelligence.

DIFOSE team with extensive law enforcement backgrounds in the detection of the eavesdropping devices and also with countless incident response experience can save you from the dangers of such espionage attempts. Our team can detect all forms of eavesdropping devices regardless of their level of sophistication, and can sweep networks, computers, mobile devices, and IoTs for malware of any level. This experience and know-how, along with state-of-the-art equipment and very strong ethics, make us unique.

It is all too easy for your sensitive information to end up in the wrong

We provide TSCM services to banks, data centers, public and private enterprises, companies, and branches of global corporates both in Turkey and at EMAA region.

Our TSCM sweeps mainly include the inspection of eavesdropping devices and malware. Based on our initial threat assessment, we deploy the appropriate level of technology and personnel to efficiently and effectively search your premises and your equipment. We start with reassessing physical security measures in place, then perform bug-sweeping with physical, telephone & wiring inspection, RF analysis, electronic device detection with non-linear junction detector, and lastly review communications and IT security. At the end of our service, we provide a detailed report of any device or vulnerability found along with the recommendations for strengthening the measures to stop probable future incidents.

Our team can perform comprehensive inspections or TSCM sweeps of the following:


  • Administrative Offices

  • Residences

  • Board rooms

  • Meeting rooms

  • Command & Control rooms


  • Automobiles

  • Planes

Digital devices

  • Landline phones

  • Mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, and laptops)

  • Desktops

  • Servers

  • Network Devices

  • Audio & Video Systems

  • IoT Devices

  • Other devices that can accommodate a listening device.