DFS-uWiPeR – Secure Data Eraser Device

About Product


  • Security, confidentiality, or privacy of the electronically stored data is a top priority for everyone because the stored data may contain sensitive customer, financial, or security information.
  • Simply restoring factory settings or deleting data on your storage devices will not suffice. Organizations need secure erasure tools to achieve a complete data sanitization that provides the maximum level of security for their sensitive data.
  • Secure erasure tools completely overwrite all of the data on your drive by writing a binary one or zero over each piece of data until it is considered irretrievable.
  • After a successful secure erase, it becomes impossible to recover any of the previous data using Professional data recovery software.
  • Secure erasure tools also provide a validation process and the auditable reporting to ensure the data was successfully overwritten.


  • The Risk of Data Leakage; the danger of exposing sensitive data due to data breaches or cyber-attacks requires organizations to wipe clean their storage devices for ultimate data security.
  • Regulatory Compliance; GDPR, HIPAA, Data Protection Act and ISO 27001 oblige data holders to securely erase personal or corporate data when they are no longer necessary.
  • Environmental Impact; electronic disposals contain many toxic materials such as arsenic and mercury. Physical destruction of the storage media can be harmful to the environment by leaving shredded assets behind.
  • Economic Reasons; electronic devices are expensive and also contain rare and important minerals such as cobalt and neodymium. For lowering technology costs and environmental impact, secure erase is the preferable option rather than simply shredding and wasting resources.


  • Simultaneously wipes 4 storage devices (HDD, SSD, USB storage) either 2.5″ or 3.5″ sizes (3 x USB 3.0 and 1 x SATA).
  • Securely erases files, folders, partitions, and unallocated spaces.
  • Special secure erasure templates can be created and saved for future usage.
  • Provides reports in TXT, DOCX, and PDF formats with detailed information of the erasure process.
  • Reports including made, model, and serial number of the storage device, erasure method, start and completion date and time of the erasure process information are saved on the device, and can also be exported via USB.
  • Hot swappable ports provide capability to plug new storage devices while DIFOSE uWiPeR is on.
  • With user-friendly interface and 7″ touchscreen, DIFOSE uWiPeR can easily be used by everyone.
  • Universal 12V power adapter, and fanless operation with absolutely no noise.


Size (D x W x H) : 180 x 125 x 33 mm
Screen : 7-inch, Touchscreen
Weight : 850 gr
Power Adapter (V) : Input: AC 100-240V Output: DC12V-2A
Material : Aluminium
Noise : Fanless, Silent
Software : DIFOSE uWiPeR v2.0
Simultaneous Wipe : 3 x USB 3.0 HDD  +  1 x SATA HDD
Wipe Speed* : Up to USB 3.0: 550 MB/sUp to SATA III: 750 MB/s

* Wipe speeds are provided for single device and are subject to change in case of multiple device wipe or according to the write speed of the storage device.

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