Laboratory Design (DF, DR & MA)

Lab Design is our Specialty…

The design and establishment of a digital forensic laboratory (DFL) or data recovery laboratory (DRL) is a complex and time-consuming process. Several considerations have to be kept in mind when starting a new lab design and installation.  First, it requires a broad and detailed understanding of current and future needs and capabilities. Starting from laboratory size, layout and furniture (tables and chairs for experts, fireproof cabinets for electronic evidence storage, filing cabinets, etc.) to hardware (workstations, laptops, forensic imagers and duplicators, write-blockers, adapters, cable sets, printers, scanners, fax, etc.) and software (Forensic Explorer, FTK, EnCase, X-Ways Forensics, Detego Analyze, Nuix, Cellebrite UFED, Hancom GMD, etc.) to be used have to be planned flexible enough to scale as needed. In a laboratory, there should at least be a reception area for delivering and collecting electronic evidence, evidence storage room for storing electronic evidence, evidence processing area for dissembling, assembling, labeling, and imaging the electronic evidence, and also personal space for writing reports or conducting administrative tasks.

The second thing to consider is meeting the physical security of the staff, valuable software, and hardware. You need to have a surveillance system, access control in the form of swipe cards or biometrics, a fire detection and suppression system, reinforced doors and windows, anti-static flooring, and a cooling system.

After that power source planning should be done by an experienced electrical engineer because such a lab tends to use large amounts of power which can overload the circuits if not balanced correctly. Sufficient and well-placed wall outlets and UPS must be considered in the lab to ensure smooth operation and to stop any damage to hardware when there are spikes or drops in power.

Last but not the least, training is paramount to expanding the knowledge base of experts in the laboratory. A lab can be only as good and productive as the quality and knowledge of its experts. Starting from digital forensics, data recovery, and malware analysis to each hardware and software installed in the laboratory should be covered in the training programs to gain the best possible result from the investigations.

Laboratory design and the establishment is one of our specialties, and leveraging technical know-how with years of experience, our uniquely qualified experts are able to find the right solution for your laboratory beyond your expectations. Regardless of the scope of your lab project, we are here to provide you a turn-key solution from the design, establishment, and installation of hardware and software to the training of lab experts from scratch.