Digital Forensic Laboratory

Data Forensic Lab Design is our Specialty…

Digital forensic laboratory (DFL) plays a crucial role in the search for justice or truth because in this digitized world, many cases are merely dependent on the digital evidence itself. A DFL that is fully equipped with globally accepted tools that have been tested and proven reliable, and that strictly adheres to established quality standards, is the first requirement to meet or to exceed the expectations of the clients by producing a quality product or service.

DIFOSE has a unique DFL with globally accepted and modern digital forensic tools, operated within the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts use forensically sound techniques, secure chain of custody, and customized solutions to regularly examine, identify, and address complex digital crime and fraud detection projects.

Our DFL provides us with the ability to investigate an entire range of digital forensic cases from the computer and mobile forensics to network and cloud forensics under one single roof.