Data Destruction & Sanitization

We destroy all data.

Don't Just Delete or Format! Securely Destruct or Sanitize & Be Safe!

Security, confidentiality, or privacy of data is one of the greatest concerns to computer users and many companies when disposing or reallocating of their redundant IT devices. Your business data or confidential documents can easily fall into the wrong hands when you sell, give away, or dispose of your redundant PC or hard drives. Deleting files or formatting drive is not enough to irrevocably erase your data. Most of the time people confuse data destruction or sanitization with deleting or formatting. When data is deleted or drive is formatted, it is just no longer accessible by the operating system. Even if you don’t see the files and folders, they can still be on your storage device and can still be accessed by professionals using data recovery tools. For that reason, you need professional data destruction/sanitization services to guarantee that your data is securely and irrevocably erased, and a recovery will never be possible, not even when using a specialized software. Without proper data destruction/sanitization method in place, you will suffer the risk of exposing your sensitive data.

At EMAA region, DIFOSE offers on-site secure data destruction / sanitization services in your own secure premises that can be monitored and witnessed by your IT personnel. We provide physical destruction and non-physical data sanitization services. Physical destruction is degaussing or simply shredding the hard drive or storage media. Non-physical sanitization is data wiping with professional erasure software that overwrites the entire hard-drive with random data until it is considered irretrievable. Although non-physical sanitization is recommended by Gartner, NIST, and ISO because it is considered environment friendly and allows IT devices to be reused, resold or donated, we provide both options to our clients.

DIFOSE has been providing data destruction/sanitization services to banks, public and private enterprises, companies, and branches of global corporates both in Turkey and at EMAA region.

At all times, we hold your confidentiality and privacy above everything.