Digital Forensics

  • Are you in need of an analysis of a device or a forensic copy taken by judicial authorities?
  • Are you in need of an analysis of technical issues in your judicial case?
  • Are you the target or unwittingly the suspect of a cybercrime?
  • Are your personal or corporate devices infected by malware?
  • Are your personal or corporate data modified, deleted, or stolen?
  • Is your personal or corporate reputation become the target of an online defamation campaign?
  • Even worse, is your business stopped by an unknown cyber-attack?

Today, most of the organizations are drowning in Electronically Stored Information (ESI), and one of the biggest challenges they face is to collect, analyze, and present relevant data in a legally defensible manner. Digital evidence is playing a key role in many of the cases, and dealing with the complexity of these cases involving ESI requires advanced digital forensics skills, experience, along with state-of-art software. Due to the volatility and fragility of the digital evidence certain protocols that delineate the procedures must be followed to ensure that data is not modified or altered during its handling. With experience in recovering digital evidence in different types of cases that include legal aid, criminal, civil, corporate and private matters, DIFOSE experts can obtain electronic data in an internationally accepted and forensically-sound manner from computers, smartphones, tablets, servers, routers, firewalls, and networks to perform analysis and identify hard evidence to solve a case. Diligent collection and analysis help you provide legally defensible or court-admissible smoking gun evidence.

Additionally, we own well-equipped digital forensic and data recovery labs. DIFOSE labs are equipped with cutting-edge hardware and software that enable our experts to professionally and successfully solve digital forensic investigations of incidents and crimes. Our digital forensic services also include expert witness testimony, malware analysis, reverse engineering, and sandbox testing. Leveraging lab capability with years of investigative experience and technical know-how, DIFOSE experts offer you the best tailored and all-inclusive digital forensic services at any level with a client-centric perspective.