Computer Forensics

With us, there is no secret in the digital world!

Computer Forensics involves the extraction and analysis of data from servers, workstations, desktop computers, laptops, and hard drives with the objective of finding any digital evidence that can be used for discovering what actions were performed by and on the computer. Vast amounts of data must not only be extracted but also be indexed, sorted, filtered by relevance, and most importantly be preserved intact in order to ensure defensibility. Due to this complexity, it requires experienced and knowledgeable professionals with appropriate credentials. It should be noted that a forensics expert is totally different from an IT expert. Years of focused training, expertise, and experience enable them to become digital detectives qualified about technical, investigative, and legal perspectives of digital forensics. They are required to know both evidence-handling and the related law.

Additionally, the potential value of data stored on a hard drive can be invaluable in computer-involved cases. If the forensic experts are not deployed for the case, digital evidence along with defensibility can be lost forever. DIFOSE expert teams are capable of managing every facet of computer forensics in identifying, preserving, recovering, analyzing, and presenting electronically stored data with forensically sound manners. At the end of our transparent, fair, and impartial investigation, all the data from the user’s personal preferences and daily habits to confidential information accessed will be revealed to you clearly.