About Us

Who We Are?

DIFOSE was founded in 2013 by Şükrü DURMAZ (Former Law Enforcement Officer), DIFOSE is a private firm dedicated to providing a superior level of investigative, consulting, and training services to our clients at international standards. Ever since we have evolved and have increased the quality of our services with the aim of exceeding the expectations of our clients. Within this framework, we provide high-quality cutting-edge digital forensics, data recovery & destruction, incident response, eDiscovery, training, lab design, and establishment services in our offices, labs, and training center located in Istanbul and in Ankara. We work with the principle of delivering our services completely at the exact planned time, and we hold the trust and the privacy of our clients above everything.

DIFOSE provides these services with a team of a uniquely qualified blend of experts who devoted their years to these fields. DIFOSE expert team have the passion of providing the best services in the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, through a highly professional attitude in dealing with our clients’ evolving needs. With this forward-thinking mentality, deep knowledge, and expertise in the cybersecurity realm, our team members have been working on a number of international cases, and they are recognized as expert witnesses by judicial authorities. DIFOSE experts are providing expert witness reports to the courts in many countries including Turkey, the USA, Great Britain, and Germany.

We provide some of the services with our partner firms Cyber Diligence Inc – the USA, Binalyze OÜ-Estonia, and Neox Network GmbH- Germany. DIFOSE and Cyber Diligence Inc. both have the digital forensics and data recovery labs at the same standards, and our teams have globally performed a number of cases together. We work together with Binalyze OÜ-Estonia about incident response and malware analysis, and with Neox Network GmbH about network forensics and analysis.