Director of Istanbul Office

Mr. DURMAZ is the director of DIFOSE Istanbul Office. He has bachelor’s degree in Biology from 19 Mayıs University, Faculty of Science and Literature. After his graduation, he worked as a biology and math teacher in different schools. His interest in computer science lead him to work in digital forensics field. Between 2010 and 2014, he worked as the senior digital forensic expert at Forensic People LLC in Istanbul. During his time, he successfully finished many incident response, evidence acquisition, examination, analysis, and reporting activities at many corporates, especially at Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, Ernst&Young, and Grand Thornton which are also known as the 5 biggest internal audit companies.

Mr. DURMAZ has been working as the director of DIFOSE Istanbul Office since 2014. Together with his team, he has been successfully providing DFIR services to mostly international companies at their EMAA offices.

Mr. DURMAZ has received national and international specialized courses and certificates such as EnCase® Computer Forensics I&II, MS Windows Forensics, Information Security Incident Handling, Hacking Countermeasures, Enterprise Cyber Security Fundamentals, Cyber Warfare and Terrorism. In addition to general security courses, he also has digital forensics software certificates such as Forensic Explorer (FEXCE), Accessdata Forensic Tool Kit, Mobile Forensics, Oxygen Forensic Detective, Windows Forensics, X-Ways Forensics, UFED Mobile Forensic and Binalyze IREC.