Chief Information Officer

Mr. SARICA (Former Turkish Gendarmerie Officer) is CIO of DIFOSE. He has twenty-three years of law enforcement experience at all levels of Communications and Information Systems (CIS), technological intelligence, and counterintelligence at Turkish General Command of Gendarmerie. He also served at EUFOR and NATO as a CIS security and planning specialist. He has a graduate degree in Information Systems at Penn State University in the USA, and has written various articles regarding IT Security, Risks Management, Defense and Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Network Forensics, IoT security.

Mr. SARICA has received national and international specialized courses and certificates such as NATO Senior Defense and Security Course, PRINCE2, Physical and Electronic Surveillance Sweep Expert Training, Counter-Signals Intelligence Techniques and Procedures, Computer Network Fundamentals, Network Security Administration, Enterprise Cyber Security Fundamentals, Cyber Security Management, CCNA Security, Digital Forensic, Information Security Incident Handling, Hacking Countermeasures, Phishing Countermeasures, Vulnerability Analysis etc. His last book “Cyber Security: Attack & Defense Strategies” was published in October 2019 in Turkey.