Mehmet GOKSU


Mr. GOKSU is the Research and Development Engineer of the Binalyze Team. He began studying at Çukurova University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. While at university he received various Cyber Security courses and attended many cybersecurity events such as AB’17 Cyber Struggle and Profiling, ADEO DFIR Camp, BGA Cyber Security Winter Camp, Hacktrick’17 Malware Analysis and Innovera Cyber Defense Summer Camp, and he developed many projects in Cyber Security Area such as Bypassing Modern AVs without Fingerprints, Modern Approach of Social Engineering, The Hacker Hunt and Windows 7 Anti-forensics: A Review Study.

After graduating, he did his internships at Zemana and DIFOSE as a Malware Analyst. He implemented browser artifacts into Binalyze IREC project which is an automated evidence collection software project.

Mr. GOKSU has received national and international specialized courses and certificates such as CCNA Security, Information Security Incident Handling, Network Security Administration, Cyber Security Management, Digital Forensic, and Certified SOC Analyst and Black Belt Windows Driver Developer. He is also the lecturer of Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis course at Turkish Cyber Security Cluster. Mr. GOKSU is still working for Binalyze and DIFOSE as a Research and Development Engineer in the fields of Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, and Incident Response.