It all started with the invention of computer, and turned into a mind-blowingly high speed adventure with the growth of the Internet. While the speed and the capacity of the Internet and Internet related devices are increasing at every passing day, the size of the devices gets smaller and smaller. The happiness felt with the first e-mail, turned into a passion with video conferencing. We loved this communication style so much that we created a new world called Social Media.

We are surrounded by the wired and wireless networks. With the anytime and anywhere connectivity abilities provided by the light-speed developing technology, reaching and sharing the information became a way of living. It came to an unbelievable extreme point that we are able to share a photo that we took after jumping from the plane with a parachute before landing.

We talked about the pleasant parts of the story up until now, but, unfortunately, there is also an evil side of this story where people get hurt by these useful systems and devices, actually by bad people who use these systems and devices with malice intentions. These criminals use technology to reach their devilish aims in the way of hurting people or getting monetary benefits by illegal ways. These criminals use unbelievable interesting and different techniques to commit crimes, and we call them with many different names such as hackers, crackers, etc. While these criminals are exploiting back doors and malwares to threaten the cyber world, most of the precautions taken against these threats became insufficient. We should never forget the facts that our unconsciousness about the cyber security and the insufficient precautions are two important factors that give way to cyber criminals.

You may face a cyber-crime, or you may be a victim of a cyber-crime, or you even may be an unaware accomplice of a cyber-crime. Even worse, your sensitive information may be stolen, modified, or deleted. At this point, you have to take required actions step by step and in a well-planned way. Otherwise, this crime may lead to bigger or even unsolvable problems. At this point, DIFOSE team is willingly ready to help you out. Please let us provide you a professional help to save you from the problems.

DIFOSE is here for you with its professional and experienced personnel.We are always ready to provide you professional support, education, and consultancy with the confidentiality rules and regardless of the scope of cyber-crimes.